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Tuesday, 24 December 2013

Making Money Online

Make Money Online on oDesk

Right, so every time people learn that I make money online through oDesk, most of them are curious about the platform and ask lots of varied questions.

Over time, I have found myself answering the same questions from different people, using the same words over and over again.

So I figured out that I may as well write a short Q & A post to reference every time the question of making money on oDesk pops up.

For starters, I am both a freelancer (I offer professional and affordable business plan and article writing services to customers) as well as employer (I hire contractors) on oDesk. I have therefore had the privilege of using the platform from both sides, so I am more than confident that it is an excellent opportunity for those seeking legitimate work at home jobs as well as business owners looking to hire contractors or temporary workers online.

1. What is oDesk?

oDesk ( ) is a website where people can hire contractors/freelancers to perform varied tasks (e.g. article/blog writing, business plan development, software programming, website development) for them. The website charges job posters a nominal fee (10% of fees paid for work done) and pays the remaining 90% to the contractor who worked on the job.

2. How can I make money from oDesk?

You can begin by signing up as an oDesk freelancer. Then take the oDesk Readiness Test for Independent Contractors and Staffing Managers to qualify for multiple job applications. Thereafter, take a couple oDesk tests relevant to your skills set. oDesk offers hundreds of free  tests that you can take prove your skills and impress potential clients ! And don’t worry if you don’t perform well on a given test (there is an option of making a given test score private and you can also re-take the test after one month). Lastly, apply for as many jobs as your quota can allow, accept interviews, get hired, and start making money.

For hourly jobs, as long as you deliver as per job requirements and log on to the oDesk team application only time spent working on the client’s job, the client will be happy with your job. You not only make money but also get positive feedback which translates into more jobs your way. Your oDesk wallet gets credited every Monday at the end of the work week and is available for withdrawal every Wednesday of the following week.

How to withdraw your oDesk earnings.

What you get paid depends on what you negotiate for with the client.  Other factors that determine how much you get paid include but are not limited to: total number of oDesk hours, your feedback score, services offered, etc. The higher these are, the better pay you can negotiate for and the more gigs that come your way. I personally use my 5-star oDesk rating and 800+ oDesk hours to negotiate higher pay.

How much to charge for your freelancing services

3. What if it turns out to be a work at home scam?

Trust me on this one. It is not. You do not need to pay a dime to register on the site or on your earnings. The client pays the service fee. The only time you pay on the site is when you do a withdrawal and the withdrawal fees vary with the method used. Most scam websites will charge you exorbitant joining fees and promise you ridiculously unrealistic earnings in split seconds.

How to spot a scam job on oDesk

4. Whats in it for oDesk?
10% of what the client pays you for a job completed. oDesk is a business and one of its goal is to make money, so they take a cut, just like any other internet business.

5. What if the site shuts down with my money?
Not happening soon. oDesk has been around since the year 2003 and have one of the highest up-times, except for occasional 30-minute site maintenance windows (you can continue logging time during these periods) which are always announced in advance. Funds earned roll over to an escrow account (neither client nor freelancer can access the funds at this point as money held in case a dispute arises) and are release the Wednesday of the following week. After this period, freelancers can withdraw their earnings at pleasure.

6. What about availability of jobs?
Completing the oDesk readiness test entitles you to the ability to apply for 2 jobs at any one week period. Once you complete your profile 100%, attempt and pass a few free oDesk skills tests and get oDesk verified, you are entitled to about 25 jobs applications at any one time. This changes a lot. The higher your oDesk feedback and hours worked, the higher your chances of landing jobs, but there is a decent amount of work, and its free to apply, so a slow week shouldn’t lead to despair.At any one time on oDesk, there are tens of thousands of jobs.

Should you have any more questions or need further clarification on any of the issues raised above, just ask. Or post your feedback in the comments section below.

If you are currently looking for ways of making money online or extra sources of cash, give oDesk a go.

Click here to sign up today for an oDesk account and remember to sign up for a Payoneer  Debit prepaid MasterCard for withdrawing your earnings.
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